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Help with Ameda pump/posterior TT, etc. ***New update**

LO arrived 10 days ago, and after latch issues and other things I'm finding the need to pump often. I purchased an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, which overall I do really like. However, I'm finding that I seem to be getting more suction on one side than the other when dual pumping. Does anyone have any experience with this or any ideas on how to correct it? I'm trying to fix a decreasing supply, so at this point I REALLY need to it be working as I'm pumping every two hours after feeding the LO (who takes 45 mins to feed what little he can get, as he's not nursing efficiently according to the LC). Between his 45 mins, and then pumping, if I have to single pump I don't ever get a break really.

In addition to that, does anyone have any suggestions on increasing supply other than pumping and taking fenugreek? I've ordered fenugreek and it should arrive on Thursday, so I'll be starting it then. In the meantime we're having to supplement with formula

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