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Re: who else here doesn't get preg easy??

Ugh.. I feel ya, mama! I was reading some of the other threads about how many lucky mamas on here are "firtle myrtle" if you will.

We tried for 2 years to get pregnant the first time--charting, etc.... FINALLY I convinced DH to go to his doctor and get "the boys" checked out. Turns out he had a vericose vien in JUST THE WRONG SPOT to block the flow of traffic for the swimmers. So, quick as can be he was signed up for outpatient surgery--his doctor told him to not be active for a month after the surgery and then usually it would take another month to get his numbers were they should have been-- and wouldn't you know, 2 months to the DATE of his surgery we found out we were pregnant for the first time. Unfortuantly, that pregnancy ended in a m/c at 14 weeks (Resulting in a d &C.. I never spotted or felt any pain.. there was simply no heartbeat). After MY operation my doctor told me to chill for one month and then, if we were ready to try again.... one month after surgery.. BOOM.. pregnant again. We're 8 months along, developing a nice healthy-sized DS that's expected in July.

I sure am hoping that DH has his ducks in a row becuase I would HATE to have to wait and go through an ordeal like that again (we want at least 4 children.. we'll see what the Lord sends out way).

Amen to Baby Dust on all of you TTC.
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