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Re: Help with Ameda pump and increasing supply

Call Ameda and talk to them, see if they can trouble shoot better, they should have some experts for you to talk to! You're probably been told this, but you want to pump at the highest suction level you can tolerate for getting maximum milk. Also see if you can do compressions while pumping to get as much as possible (also when nursing if you aren't already - google Jack Newman if you don't know what I'm talking about, there are videos)

For supply, make sure you're drinking enough (Not crazy amounts, just be conscience of it is you're having supply issues) Oats are good, especially steele cut oats, but others are good if you don't have them.

Herbs the main ones are Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle.

Anyway you can get Domperidone? It really works, but I know there are issues with getting it in the US

How often are you feeding/pumping? Are you getting much when you pump? Are you supplementing at the breast with a tube (SNS?) to add more stimulation?

Also, I'm with the above, are you seeing a good lactation consultant? That is a definite must!

If your little one isn't efficient, have a look at info on "biological nurturing" and "relaxed breastfeeding" - the positioning is more condusive to them getting more, the idea is that you sit in a more reclined position so baby winds up positioned more on top than in front of the breast, with gentle pressure on their upper back you can help them open a bit more and get their chin in deeper so they take in more of the breast and get more milk, plus stimulate the breast more.
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