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Re: * May 2011 Mamas - April Chat*

Originally Posted by Tippytoe View Post
:'-( I know mother's day is around the corner, and can't imagine how difficult this must be to be missing your mama. I'm sure she's smiling down on you and your precious babies. ::

As for my gift, it showed up, and it's freaking adorable and well-made...and I want to keep it. Lol!!! Can't wait to send it to live with its baby <3.

I had a real poopy day. My hormones are whacked out, and my migraines are back in full force. I've been feeling frumpy and dumpy. The weather has finally gotten spring-like and I realized I NEED to start losing weight. It gets really hot here, and I can't tolerate the heat with extra weight! But I'm worried about this muffin top! I've never carried weight on my
Midsection, and I'm worried it won't go away. My body is shaped differently after this last pregnancy.

Ugh :-/. The baby has been sick since Easter and I think today I had just reached a point of exhaustion. Usually I'm pretty good about keeping it together, but I fell crying in a heaping pile on the floor in front of my 4y.o. I felt badly she saw me crying.
Aw Thank you for the sweet, comforting words. I'm sorry for all you are going through lately! I think it's okay for children to know that their mamas cry and have bad days too... not to mention sometimes a good cry can do so much for the soul.

I can really relate to your attention to your weight recently. I went to visit my twin sister who doesn't have any children and always gets a shower and her clothes are always clean and stylish and she fixes her hair and wears makeup. I have never felt more frumpy, except maybe when I had to stand up in her wedding which was 9 days after DD was born and she only asked me to be in it 2 days before so I had to wear a t-shirt. Lol! I feel your pain I have a serious muffin top too even if I am wearing elastic pants. Any plans to exercise? I really want to start jogging but I can't figure out when. DH gets home late and there's not much chance I'll get up early to go.

Glad your gift came and turned out the way you hoped!!
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