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Re: Aug. '11 - April Chat

Originally Posted by greengranny View Post
IUD's do not prevent conception. They prevent implantation by making the uterine environment hostile, so yes, they are abortifacient.
OK, thats what I thought
Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
This exactly. Are you not interested in hormonal bc? I worked as a nurse assistant to a gyn for a few years and my fave bc was Nuva Ring. To me it was the least complicated and less complicating means few chances to use it incorrectly.
I considered it, but in the end I just dont want to mess with my body's hormones at all.
Originally Posted by sblakeley View Post
They did testing a few months ago (blood rast test) and it came back no allergies. There is a pretty high rate of it being wrong when done so young. I think we are going to do scratch testing, but now have to wait because she has had benadryl recently. We see the doc again on Thursday for weekly weigh in.
hmm, yah it sounds like she is reacting to something huh...with a skin rash and bright red bottom from one poo. What did she eat that day or before can you remember? poor thing.

Britt im not on the go at all, so I can understand how using cloth is annoying for you. I use sposies when I go out and at night. walgreens brand has been great and less$ as well as Luvs. I do like my cloth at home tho, and since I just got a laundry line it makes me more happy to not spend $ on the dryer!
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