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Originally Posted by estradaamyl
My littles just eased back into cloth this week. Rotavirus poo + cloth= no way. We do cloth just at home. And not at night for the littles, but my oldest has flip trainers for nighttime. It was sooo expenisve having them in sposies for that time. And our trash was overpacked. I was kind of excited to get them back to their fluffy butts!
That's the only thing I cant stand honestly... Disposables are SO expensive!! I don't know how I afforded two kids in them for so long.

I am feeling like crud today. I've developed a nasty head cold so I just feel yucky. I have to take Dominic and Nathan to get baseball gloves after school. Plus I already promised all of them a trip they Dairy Queen with their Easter cards from Grandma. I really just want to take dd and Nathan and crawl into bed and sleep.
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