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Re: Help with Ameda pump and increasing supply

I spoke with Ameda directly this morning, and not five minutes into the conversation they offered to overnight me a new pump at no cost to me and to pick up the old one two weeks from now so that I wouldn't be w/o a pump at all. They are also going to be sending the piston seal that I was missing from the handpump conversion.

I don't actually know if it's the pump that's the issue or if it's the white valves that someone mentioned. I've only been using the pump for ten days and rotating two sets of the white valves but, I went ahead and opened and used the third set that came with the pump and I can at least pump on one side with good suction even pumping one side at a time had become impossible this morning. So, I'm not sure if it's the pump or the valves or a combination, but I have a new pump coming tomorrow and the third set of valves seems to be working for now, so if I get the new pump and try the original two sets of valves don't work then I guess I'll be purchasing a couple of sets of those as well.

I was quite impressed with their customer service, and if it does happen to be the valves, I definitely couldn't blame it on then, as it's entirely possible that they got damaged when MIL was helping out cleaning things as there is a language barrier between us so explaining certain things is a bit difficult.

HOWEVER - I do have another slight issue now. LO is spitting up multiple times during and after EVERY feeding. Whether it's breastmilk straight from me, pumped and bottle fed, or bottle fed formula. I know that spitting up is "normal" but this is a "if we lay him down even a little bit he spits up what appears to be everything he just ate" He's also not taking in enough. The lactation consultant told me yesterday that he should be taking in two ounces. He managed that at the feed yesterday during the support group meeting, but now other than one feed just now he takes an ounce and a half and then refuses any more (from a bottle, no idea what he's taking from me obviousl)". He also has hiccups pretty much from sun up to sun down w/o more than a 20 minutes break all day. Is it possible for him to have reflux so soon? We have a drs appointment tomorrow afternoon, so I'll definitely be asking then, but I wanted to gain some insight now. We are keeping him upright after feeding, and burping him just by rubbing his back rather than patting as that seems to aggravate things. But even an hour after feeding, laying him down on the changing table to change him causes him to spit up.
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