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Re: Toddler Tooth Trauma

Yeah, if you can avoid that trauma, do. My first memory of the dentist is having a tooth pulled after killing. I was four. I remember them holding me down and trying to give me the shot and me fighting them. Horrible horrible horrible. I avoid dentists now because of all of the issues I had with my teeth growing up, only go if I'm in pain.

My teeth ended up messed up too. Not sure if it was related to that or not but I had another tooth that never came in, my left eye tooth. It fused to the bone and the dental surgeon had to go in and remove it (this after two other surgeries up in the roof of my mouth that included putting a chain on my tooth to try and bring it down which meant I had a chain coming out of my gum!). Between that and falling off a pony at 8, my teeth and jaws are massively messed up. Technically, I need jaw surgery because I have both major over and underbites (my jaw is horribly crooked) but it's considered cosmetic surgery and it's supposed to be REALLY expensive, like $15,000 or so.
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