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Originally Posted by Greenebean214
Big hugs, justineybean. I can't imagine

We are battling some molars over here. Consequently, DD doesn't sleep anymore and neither do I not that she was ever a good sleeper, she is just terribly restless.

And my insomnia is back. What a slap in the face! I can fall asleep just fine, but when DD wakes me I can't fall back asleep- no matter how exhausted I am. And since she still nurses 2-5 times at night and ends up bedsharing, I can't take meds. I am such a b*tch without sleep!!

She is standing on her own and walking along furniture!! She's so big. Sometimes I look at her and can't believe she's already turning into a little girl. Not a baby anymore

She still weighs 21 lbs, and is 30" long. She loves to share food with us (even the dog) and she gives hugs and kisses freely. I LOVE this age. It's so nice to still be needed but not 24/7. Daddy even got her to sleep last night <3

We have her first birthday party on the 12th (her actual bday) and my Mom is flying down for it!! Yay. Then two weeks later we are heading FL my BFFs wedding in Dom Rep. My parents are going too, so they can help with DD and maybe give us a day to drink (or SLEEP) by the pool!

Is anyone else having body issues? I have luckily lost all the baby weight, plus some. But my body is a WRECK. I walk the dog, usually with DD on my back, 5 times a week. I do random exercises like lunges and crunches. My size 8s are almost too big, but I still look so gross and floppy.

I was a size 12 before getting pregnant, I should be happy! But I am so self conscious and wearing a bathing suit around my BFF and her lean, beautiful sisters is going to make me sad. I had to get my passport photo retaken, and I look SO tired and worn out. Probably because I am... I feel like I've aged 10 years.

Sorry for my novel, this has been really bugging me and I can't seen to talk about it. It also doesn't help DH has lost over 20 lbs, is looking SO hot and I look like a friggin dump truck.

DD is obsessed with dog food and toys, she found a toy in our bedroom and brought it out to show me... LOL... I had to snap a pic!
Cute pics! :-)

Body issues? Yes! I bounced back after my first two pregnancies, but this one has left me some unsightly souvenirs and packaging. Lol. Congrats on getting down to an 8. That's awesome, mama. I'm sure you look fabulous ;-). And going to the Dominican Republic sounds awesome. Hopefully you and your hubby get some quiet poolside relaxation.

We've been battling sleep issues over here. DD used to sleep pretty well. Now she doesn't nap, wakes up all night. I tried getting her into her crib and we made it two nights and I got lazy :-(.
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