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Re: Backtalking preschoolers...

I tell kids that I dont talk to people that dont speak kindly to me (thats my kids and my daycare kids). Then I ignore them until they can rephrase what they want in a kinder way. Even if they don't want something, like something "yucky" at meal time, I dont do a thing for them until they can calm down and say "no thank you" in a polite way and not "that stuff smells like poopy and I dont want it!". The main thing is to stay calm, make sure they have the words and role-modeling for appropriate behavior and then make sure they get absolutely nothing for the back talk. Trying to talk to him more, convince and cajole is just feeding attention into a scenario where he should be getting no attention for that behavior. Its not about checking out, but calming ignoring the bad behavior and re-enforcing the good behavior.

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