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I say 'excuse you'. I have dropped the try that again part as it is understood now and 9x's out of 10 will rephrase it. If they start to baketalk after i tell them to do something i cut them off and say 'dont agrue. Do what youre told.' The 4.5yr old will continue to talk sometimes. So i'll say 'it doesnt matter' 'youre agruing' 'go' ect. I use to think i needed to hear them out, hear their side to make sure they knew i cared, ect then someone on here pointed out that that only encourages the backtalking! It was a light bulb moment for me. They know i care! and they dont need to be sassy me. When i say jump they need to jump b/c Im the mom and diserve the respect. I also look at it as a job skill. If their boss tells them to mop/take out the trash/talk to the mean client/ect telling him all the reasons they 'cant' will probably get them fired. And as for knocking the food I cook....'thats gross!' 'its nasty!' gets your plate removed! I gave dd2 1 'that hurts my feelings. I worked hard for that and you havent even tried it. 1bite then you can say no thankyou if you dont like it' The 2nd time she got 'thats rude. How do you know?! Say that again and i wont let! you eat it. Say no thank you!' 3rd time i cleared her plate and told her since she was done to go get jammers on. Watch out! I did let her eat a single banana before bed-after she got on jammers, calmed down and apologized- but now if she doesnt want anything she says 'no thank you'
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