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Re: What does everyone have left on their "to do" list before baby?

I was just in my car looking for a dropped item and realized how gross it is inside! It really needs vacuumed out, but that's going to be tough with a big belly. If I ask DH to do it, he'll tell me I shouldn't eat/allow DD to eat so much in the car. It's mostly food crumbs.

Maybe rewash diapers? IDK yet. They are clean and have been stored for about 2 years in a storage bin in the bathroom.

Pack my bag. I got the suitcase out last night and put my list on top.

finish sewing going home outfit. It's mostly done except for the snaps, I need some twill tape to reinforce the plastic snaps I'm putting on with pliers. And find a shirt/onesie for him to wear under the overalls. I really would like a polo shirt, something w/ a collar.

sew nursing pads.

make time to listen to my relaxation scripts
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