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Re: Have any mamas shipped books to Germany?

If you're shipping enough books, M-Bags are still fairly cost-effective for large quantities of books.

For smaller quantities, padded flat rates are the way to go.

M-Bags have funky rules though, if you haven't used them before, you really need to talk with someone at USPS or your PO who has experience with them. Most PO employees have no idea what an M-Bag even is. I think you have to divvy all of the books up into smaller boxes of 4 pounds or less. You need a special M-Bag tag.

I've come close to using them a few times, but it always ended up being worth it to pay a little extra for a flat rate box.

They're nowhere near $600, not sure if you were exaggerating or not. You're looking at ~$50 for an M-Bag. I haven't heard anything about them being phased out, and even if they are, they are available now.
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