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Toddler removed diaper last night

ah, the joys of toddler hood! DS is 20 months old, and generally sleeps from about 7pm to 7am, but some nights he'll go down at 8pm. Last night he got to stay up till 8 because his grandma was visiting, so he was not happy about going to bed. He cried for a few, and when I went in to check on him later before I went to bed, found he'd taken his pants and diaper off during his pre-bedtime protest.

He wets a TON at night, luckily he had pee'd in his diaper before he fell asleep, and he didn't pee in his crib that whole two hours or so he was diaperless! He was sound asleep on two of his favorite stuffed animals so I just couldn't bare to let him soak through them with urine, I wasn't sure that much would wash out. I felt bad but ended up waking him and re-diapering him, and putting on one of the few 24 month onesies left that is long enough to fit him, so he couldn't pull that stunt again. LOL
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