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Re: who has a radian??

Originally Posted by AleahDeann View Post
Wow, so many people have install problems, we use the latch with ours, never an issue, we can try to wiggle/tug at the seat, it is not going anywhere. We have not used the AA yet, are waiting for one to come into stock so we can though.

Seriously I would buy 2 more right now if I could afford it. DS2 needs to move out of his TF so DS3 (due may 16) can have it. OR both DS2 and DS3 need to be in Radians, we seriously love ours!!
the issue were having w/ r is the stow-n-go thing in the seat. the folding things & the latch they stick out & the base cnt go in further to tighten it @ all if u dont have it set up just right. also in the middle there really close & the base is to wide to fit righ inbetween them. so u need to have the base away from them to make it work & get it in tight. if it wasnt for all that it would b an easy install. i have no issues in my moms van. its is the same as mine bue she dont have the stow-n-go.
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