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Re: Anyone with 3 or more losses in a row and then success?

i had 3 losses after i had my now 12 year old. i asked to be tested for a blood infection called mycoplasma (my mum had 3 miscarriages as well because of it) and my dr had never even heard of it. it's not very well known, causes no symptoms but will not allow you to stay pregnant (my losses were all first trimester while my mum's were all second trimester). anyways, i don't think it's something they would test for normally so maybe you could ask about that. anyways, i was positive for it so they put my hubby and i on a round of antibiotics and we've had 2 kids since then and we're cautiously expecting another. the fear of losing another never really goes away though. i am so sorry when i hear others stories of going through the same thing.
oh, i wanted to mention too that my auntie and uncle had a bunch of kids from their first marriages no problem but when they got married, they could not stay pregnant. i think she estimates she had about 14 miscarriages (she stopped keeping count after a while) but the babies were just never genetically viable. then, just before her 40th birthday, after she had given up even wanting a baby any more, she found out she was pregnant again. and that baby is 10 now.
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