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Re: who has a radian??

I'm a fan in that I can fit 3 carseats across with them but that is about it.

-I love that they are so narrow.

-It takes a long time to get to know all the rules and even then I have to review the manual every so often to make sure I have all the parts adjusted correctly for my kids weight/height.

-I don't like the short crotch strap.

-They are IMPOSSIBLE to tighten the darn thing. Heck I don't even care that it's a ratchet and doesn't tighten smoothly. The first one I got I literally had to stand on the darn strap to HOPEFULLY get it to tighten. It wasn't until I got the second one that I realized something must be wrong with the first one. The second tightens easier but ease of use is still pretty terrible. I finally figured out that in order to tighten the first my son has to get out I tighten the straps, hope I don't over tighten, have him get in again, rinse and repeat if I didn't do it right the first time or two.

For this reason I would NEVER use it for an infant. I have two radians right now and a Chicco infant seat. Infants are just too floppy and stiff at the same time. I find that to get a good harness fit on an infant you have to loosen the straps pull their arms through and retighten. I would shoot myself in the head if I had to do that every time I had to go somewhere with my infant. So I don't consider a Radian a good seat for a newbie.

-It also ticks me off that they are so tall. I know why they make them tall but it makes the car ride with a RF'ing baby all the more trouble and darn near impossible in my car even in the middle. I will be forced to get another radian when my newbie outgrows her infant seat and I'm hoping the angle adjuster will make RF'ing in my car more doable. Yet another reason I wouldn't consider a radian a good seat for an infant. Without being able to use that angle adjuster they are simply too tall to safely RF in some cars.
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