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Re: * May 2011 Mamas - April Chat*

Oh god, I'm not even going to try and do multi-quote because I've been too absent to really follow all the posts. It was dead for so long I just thought "Oh, no ones really posting." AND HERE YOU ALL ARE!

Rachel - Hi! Hang in there! Hope you get some free time soon!

Justine - BC is difficult. We currently just use condoms because I'm anti-pill, anti-IUD (SO ANTI - tippytoe for the same reason!). My OB actually suggested we just use condoms since I was worried about milk supply. So sorry about your mama I say avoid the BC pills, use condoms, and be careful I also had to laugh at your reaction to your friends baby and then your reaction to yours. I feel the same way at Kindermusik - "oh that baby's cute" and then "Oh my god look at what DS just did! He played the drum! He's so amazing!!!"

Tippytoe - The first PP AF was horrible. And I just went through a cycle without an AF so I'm worried the next one will be even crazier. I swore that I ovulated, but I don't think my hormones got high enough or whatever. I had all the mental/emotional symptoms of ovulating and then the PMS stuff, but never got the AF. I hear it can be bad for awhile. Hooray. Also, I hear you on the weird body shape. I've only got 10 lbs left to lose to get back to pre-DS weight, but my body seems so different. I know with the hormones and stuff that fat redistributes. It is, apparently, why my mother has great legs, and I have ginormous ham hocks.

Greenebean - OMG the dog toy picture is THE BEST. SO FREAKING CUTE. DS watches the dog eat and has taken to eating his cheerios straight off of his tray with his mouth, like a dog. They are bad news together. Today, he actually threw a handful at her with full force. She was happy to have the snacks! And I know what you mean about them not being a baby. I looked at DS one day and thought "You are a little boy, when did that happen??"

Watermelon - I always try and remember how much DS loves and adores me. There are moments where I'm taken aback and actually surprised by his unabashed love. It's such a good feeling and a reminder

Did I miss anyone??

AFM - Here's where we are:

Weight/height - SO TALL. Not sure of his stats but this is the tallest baby I've ever seen. And he's skinny. But for a baby that was so petite early on and for how worried I was about his weight, he seems to be pretty normal now. It's nice to not worry about it anymore (as much. I will never stop worrying.) Last visit to the doctor for an eye injury (burst blood vessel in the eye will scare the crap out of you but not be serious) he weight 19lbs with clothes on.

Development - FINALLY see two top teeth poking through. He has been sleeping through the night again after literally a month of hell. Knock on wood. It's spot on with the Wonder Weeks book. Week 41-46 are hell, plus we had the teething. Next up is right around a year, and it generally starts a couple weeks before. Hooray. He's been pulling up and cruising for awhile now. He's taken a huge interest in his wooden walker wagon and duck walks around. But I don't know how close he is to standing/walking without it. Seems precarious at this point. LOVES eating. Gets EXCITED about it (oh geez, like his mama.) A little TMI but his poop suddenly changed to like, adult poop. Probably more solids, less BM, but I was surprised!

Weight/Body - Like I said, I've got 10 lbs to go. But old skinny clothes fit, so my fat is somewhere else. I will always have body issues but I found that having DS made me PROUD of my body and I don't worry about things so much. Especially on days when I wear my flowy maxi skirts, tank tops, scarves and listen to the Grateful Dead (my parents were hippies, what can I say.) The only thing I really, really, am having a hard time with are my breasts. They were always small, but now they're small and...floppy? Saggy. I looked in the mirror one day wearing just a tshirt, no bra, and saw my mom's chest. I don't like DH to see them. That will take some time..

House/Cleaning - I have found that when DH takes DS up to get ready for bed (bottle and naked time), that I go into super fast clean mode and clean the kitchen/living room. That way I don't have to worry during the day and it's clean for the next morning. I force myself to do it. I also have a weekly laundry routine that I stick to. Now I need to find time in the schedule for other rooms in the house!

That's all - there's a novel for you all to read!
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