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Re: Help with Ameda pump and increasing supply

Originally Posted by clarinetb View Post
Sorry, I didn't see you'd posted a reply!!

What did the doctor say? And yes, they can have reflux issues from the beginning in that respect. It can be hard to say, my first puked non-stop, seemed like more than being fed very often, moving her, laying her and just about anything else resulted in vomiting.... and she grew like crazy! My second has had less vomiting and much more trouble with reflux, could lay her down for quiet awhile after, she was better in the swing, as it was clearly causing pain and some vomiting (mostly you could see it coming up before going back down...)

The doctor said that while it could be reflux that it didn't matter at this point because he's too young for reflux meds anyway. She first told me to switch him to a soy formula, and then when I asked about soy intolerances in the family she wanted to put him on an alimentum formula that is supposedly soy and milk free. Which, it's not. It's lactose free, but has casein as one of the ingredients, which is actually milk so I'm a bit confused there. She also told me to cut soy and dairy out of my diet if I wanted to try and keep breastfeeding....which I'm working on but being that I already have to be gluten free, is a bit difficult. So, I'm working on milk first and then soy

Glad they sent a new pump - is it any better? The new pump is a bit better, but I believe the white valves are also part of the problem. I'll be making a babies r us run this afternoon to try replacing those as well.

I didn't realize you were talking about exclusive pumping, you might consider renting a hospital grade one for a few days if you're exclusively pumping this early on and want to get him back to breastmilk only. It cost a bit, but formula costs a lot more for a lot longer! I thought about this, but the LC seemed to think it wouldn't matter too much. I did keep him downstairs in the living room last night and latched him on for every feed. I figure with the pump not working, then that was the only was I was going to keep my supply up anyway, and the formula just seems to be making him sick. So, as frustrating as it was for both of us, it actually went fairly well overall. The only problem is, I'm cracked and bleeding yet again. I KNOW his latch is not right, I just don't know how to correct it. Both of the LCs that I talked to keep saying just to pop him off and back on, but that isn't fixing the problem. Part of the problem is that he isn't opening wide enough, I get that. But, he's also "biting" if that makes any sense. It seems like he does more biting than actual sucking and it HURTS! Both LCs asked me if I was getting a "crease" on my nipple after him feeding, and I am...but neither could really tell me how to correct it. Any thoughts or suggestions? Is it possible he's tongue-tied or something?

How much does baby weight? I think I mentioned on the other thread, but 8lbs would be 50 mL every two hours, so 1 1/2 oz is about 45 mL, so that's about right, if it is every two hours around the clock. He was born at 8lbs 8 oz and as of yesterday he's back up to 8lbs 4oz. They were happy with his weight at the peds office. And when I asked the doctor directly how much he should be taking in she said 1-2 oz was fine, but the LC consultant told me it needed to be 2-3 oz. The LC actually weighed him, had me feed, re-weighed him and he was only at 1.5 oz, so she made me go back and continue to feed until we got him to 2 oz.

One thing, is the vomiting more running out or is it projectile vomiting? This varies. It's not what I would consider exorcist projectile vomiting, but about half the time it just runs out, the other half the time he's laying down and it looks like a fountain coming straight up and out

How much of what he is getting is breastmilk versus formula? Up until yesterday, since we had been told 2oz per feed he was getting all formula with the exception of two bottles of breastmilk a day, because it was taking me all day to pump four oz. Last night he was all breastmilk, and has been so far today. He seems to be hungry more often, but he's not hysterical or anything. We still have formula here if it seems like he's not getting enough, but I don't want to supplement unnecessarily which I think is what we did in the beginning that started us down this road.
What supplements are you taking now? Right now, I'm taking 3 fenugreek capsules 3x a day. The LC told me I should start smelling syrupy (as did my research), and I haven't noticed that yet, so I don't know if I need to increase or not. I'm also trying to get oatmeal in at least once a day. I have not and cannot try the mother's milk tea because licorice makes ME projectile vomit Is there anything else that I can try? I'm trying to get my water and food intake up as well. I've done ok with hydrating since leaving the hospital, but I just haven't had an appetite at all and I'm sure that's not helping matters. I was eating fine until I had that day with a fever/nausea/lightheadedness and my appetite just hasn't bounced back from that which is very unlike me :/ I have called my doctor on this and they keep telling me that it is normal

Hang in there! The first while is tough at the best of times and you're on a bumpier road that you'd like, I'm sure! My little one it was an intake issue on her end in terms of the ability for whatever reason, but we finally managed to get her all on the breast after weeks of having to do top-ups with the bottles of my milk after every feed. Was she just not an efficient nurser? That's what they keep telling me with him, that he's not efficient because however he's latching, he's creasing my nipple and not allowing him to empty my breast, but no one can tell me how to fix that?

It is exhausting, it sucks to be feeding and pumping around the clock! If you have a support network, now is the time to USE THEM! Many times we have people who would love to help but want to know what to do. Please, ask them! If you're up around the clock, every two hours feeding, pumping, trying to get baby back on the breast, etc, your entire life becomes feeding baby If someone wants to visit and bring food, run a load of laundry, etc, go for it!
I have been, and my husband has been a great help, but it's frustrating to miss out on everything else just to be sitting in my little corner pumping. That's part of the reason I want to get him back on the breast at least, because with the pumping I felt like I wasn't even getting to see LO at all. I am however tired of using the other help because I'm kind of a control freak and things are not getting run around the house the way they should! And people keep trying to wash my diapers and drying everything ARGH!
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