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Re: The DS Collection for "How To Announce Your Pregnancy" ideas :) (post your idea!)

Here's what I've done:

#1: made a scavenger hunt around the house with clues leading to a sentimental baby book, a cup my dh had when he was a baby, and the pregnancy test hidden under a pillow. It was pretty cute when I saw it sink in and the look in Dh's eyes.
#2: came back from a 2 week trip and had found out I was pregnant during it. Told DH I brought him home a souvenoir and had Put a test in an envelope with a card that read something like, "Estimated shipping date: (the week I think I got pregnant). Estimated arrival date: (due date)"
#3 (miscarriage): made a grocery list and wrote things like, "ice cream, pickles, shampoo, newborn diapers, etc" and gave it to dh and asked him to read it over incase he had questions before he did my shopping. It was pretty sweet!
#4 (miscarriage): wrote in lipstick on the mirror "Father of 3" and then later told DH he had something on his face and to go see what the heck it is in the bathroom mirror. surprise!
#5: told DH I had a special song to play for him... turned on Darryl Worley's "Family Tree" song and he got it right away!
#6: found out I was pregnant on Valentine's Day so I made him a rhyming Valentine about my pregnancy and gave it to him.
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