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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

Have you sent it? I have a few comments.

Don't send it to whom it may concern. If you are sending it to the CEO of the hospital, take the time to find out that individual's name and title. Make a determination of the appropriate person and send it to that individual.

There are several gramatical errors and run on sentences. I would clean it up and have it proofed by someone with excellent grammar skills.

You ask for his blessing to pick a doctor who will allow you to VBAC. Honestly, that isn't what you want. Just because you find a doctor willing to let you, does not mean that the hospital will allow it. You need to ask for what you want - the right to do a trial of labor. You need to ask for that, not their permission to pick your doctor. The hospital isn't involved in that decision and they don't care who you pick. So, you need to say something like - "I am requesting a review of the hospital's anti-VBAC policy."

You need to determine what the hospital's policy is, whether they have anesthesia on site, whether they are in fact equipped to handle an emergency if your trial of labor goes badly wrong. You need to be armed with information - both the stuff that supports your desire as well as the stuff that is going to be difficult to overcome. You need to be able to acknowledge that you understand the risks/benefits.

You are telling them that you haven't even picked a doctor yet, but you have decided that you are a candidate for a VBAC. That says to a hospital that you aren't interested in medical advice.

I would avoid discussing what you are and aren't willing to sign. You are setting yourself up for a No by giving them the heads up months in advance that you are going to be a problem patient. And, telling them months in advance of delivery that you are contemplating going AMA will not lead the hospital administration to the conclusion that you are a patient that they want. You are telling them - I'm going to be difficult and if you say no to me, I will go to a hospital far away from you. What would you say if you were them?

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