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Re: How not to compare twins' development?

Originally Posted by autumnlala View Post
They were only a bit early -- 36 weeks, 6 days. The bigger one was on the little one's cord in my belly, so they were over a pound different in weight at birth. They both came home with me, but then lost a lot of weight and had trouble keeping their temps up and went to the NICU for a week at one week old. The smaller one had more trouble than the bigger one in the NICU and after.

The smaller one is now bigger (!!) but he is the one who is behind the other developmentally. I'm not sure he is really "behind" enough that we need intervention, we have a 6-month checkup coming up soon and I have all kinds of questions to ask!! Thanks
I don't know how early they have to be to qualify for pt and birth to 3? Mine actually wouldn't qualify except that they were 26 weekers. But I go to the pt regularly just for peace of mind. It is nice to hear they are doing well and to sit quietly for a minute while the therapists ooh and aah over them while they are playing with them. You might ask at your 6 month checkup if your ped will refer you...just for peace of mind .
Mama to DD 10, DD 8, DS 7, DS 5, and identical twin almost 1 year old girls born at 26 1/2 weeks and doing super! Thanking God every day for our blessings!!!
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