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Re: Hospital Stay?

With my second kiddo (first c/s) I checked out at 2 days because I missed #1. It felt too early once I got home!

#3, I stayed 3 days and one of my son's kicked my incision while climbing up on me that day and I told myself I was gonna stay the whole time I was allowed next time to give myself more time to heal up!

#4, I stayed the WHOLE time they let me, which was 4 days. My dh wasn't able to pick me up right at discharge and so the nurses let me hang out in the room all day because they weren't busy. I was able to to snuggle some more with my newborn, have quiet time, and rest... things very hard to do with lo's running around me. So I technically stayed 4-1/2 days.

If I have another baby, I'll stay the whole time alloted too. You'll never get that one-on-one mama/baby time again or the room service or the being waited on hand and foot again... and it's so special...
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