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Re: How not to compare twins' development?

Originally Posted by autumnlala View Post
They were only a bit early -- 36 weeks, 6 days. The bigger one was on the little one's cord in my belly, so they were over a pound different in weight at birth. They both came home with me, but then lost a lot of weight and had trouble keeping their temps up and went to the NICU for a week at one week old. The smaller one had more trouble than the bigger one in the NICU and after.

The smaller one is now bigger (!!) but he is the one who is behind the other developmentally. I'm not sure he is really "behind" enough that we need intervention, we have a 6-month checkup coming up soon and I have all kinds of questions to ask!! Thanks

All of this sounds exactly like my twins. Born at 36W6D. Baby A was bigger at birth. Within a month baby B was bigger and has stayed bigger their entire lifetime. Baby A has always done everything earlier. Baby B has done everything later (but in the normal range...just at the very end of it)! Everything sounds good to me, but you can't help to not compare them when they are there side by side.
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