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Re: Hospital Stay?

With my 1st I had NO complications and was up and moving around, eating, doing everything myself within 24 hours so I just dont see the point in staying the 3-4 nights that they want me too. The oncall weekend Dr. let me leave after the 2 days because I was doing so well and so uncomfortable in the hospital. So I hope that it goes that well this time

If I need to stay longer I will but I am having alot of anxiety about leaving DS (it will be our 1st time apart EVER... the longest we have ever been apart is 8 hours). Also the rooms at my hospital are labor/delivery/postpartum rooms so you stay in the same room the whole time and the delivery bed is SO uncomfortable for sleeping so between that and being a very light sleeper I got no rest the whole time I was there.

I am just nervous about leaving DS, not getting any rest while in the hospital, and the c/s in general as my last one was a nightmare (during not after). Its causing some anxiety so I need to talk to my OB about it again at my appt Monday and try to get more definate answers from him!
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