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Happy 2nd birthday Lil Peeps!!!

Hard to believe that they're turning two! Alex seems so big to me now, especially since we have a newborn. He's really getting the hang of being a big brother, he loves to stroke the baby's head and "boop" his nose. I'm sure Logan will looooooove that when he gets bigger.

Since we didn't do a party for Alex's birthday, we decided to take a weekend trip into the city (4 hours away from our podunk town with no shopping) and do the Ft Worth Zoo. SO much fun! (I love the bengal tigers - gorgeous.) Even more fun since I got to hang out with another April 2010 mama! Robyn came out and met us at the zoo. It was really awesome to meet her and my oldest LOVED her kids (seriously Robyn - I think Kaitlyn wanted to go home with you guys!). Her April peep, Liam, is such a cutie! He had me cracking up.

And side note, Robyn totally makes me feel like an amateur. Her five kids are AMAZINGLY well behaved and she's on top of it all. I only have three and my DH was there and each of my older two still managed to wander off out of sight for about 30 seconds each. Ack!

I wish I'd taken more pictures, especially to prove that my "imaginary friends" exist! I'll have to steal the one Robyn took of our two April "babies" together when I get back to my computer.

Hope everyone's 2nd birthdays are wonderful!
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