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Re: Not many NM moms?

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
Do any NM mama''s know about erf? I have seen a few convertible carseats rfing, but I have never seen a baby older than about 1 in them. I have however seen plenty of itty bitty babies (like WELL under a yr) ffing and ffing infant carriers and other usage that is a big no no. Just reassure me I am not the ONLY one in friends think I am nuts fro rfing my 21 mth old (who btw is only 19lbs)
I'm rfing my 27mo in a marathon, and DS is 6 1/2 and still harnessed in his nautilus. I am starting to train him on what he needs to accomplish to go to the belted booster tho. I believe he is responsible enough to handle sitting there correctly. It kills me tho to see 3yo's out here in the FRONT seat and no carseat at all. IDK if its cause we're on reservation land and they think they're safe out here or what

Anyone planting a garden? I'm not sure I can since the puppy likes to tear stuff up and the ground is beyond rocky where we are (Cochiti Lake) not to mention racoons and squirrels. I am trying to clean up the landscape. the house we're renting was at one time extremely well kept and every inch of it covered with something.... now its over grown but half dead. My next task is removing a cactus thats taller than I am. It looks just awful. I think I'm going to let it grow back from the bottom where its healthy and about to bloom.

I grew up in the TX panhandle, so there are a lot of plants here that are new to me. I'm trying to figure out whats a weed and whats an annual
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