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Re: Be honest...are you a diaper Capitalist?

Originally Posted by Sarai* View Post
If I give away something, I hope the other person passes it on for free, unless we agree otherwise I try to remember to put on all my lottos "please pass on if you can't use". I have given away the item, with the hope that the item will be used/enjoyed by someone who otherwise could not purchase it. I almost always even pay for postage.

I understand I have no right to complain about others decisions, reselling at a high value is not "wrong". But those great deals can be so hard to come by, and another struggling family could have really used that item. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. On the other hand, people willing to pay jacked up prices for some silly print (like the $200 Gastly Goodmama, or whatever it was) probably don't need the deal anyway, so I don't feel too sorry that they are not getting a break.

I shop a lot at the Goodwill Bins, where items are sold by the pound. I buy cheap nice toddler clothes to give away at the non-profit agency I work with. There are several aggressive people that almost live there, that obviously try to snatch up anything with a resale value they can. When ever a new bin comes in, they spread out, scope it out, and snatch up the nicer things, in about a second, knocking me out of the way if they have to. The people there that are just down on their luck, looking for needed household things do not act like this.
Minus pushing you out of the way and do you know that? What if they are trying to bring money in any way they can?

For example, when the xbox 360 came out, it was selling for x amount in stores but selling for y amount on eBay due to demand. Some people were seriously judging the sellers but you know, if you need that extra $100 to pay rent, you're going to make money however you can. If you're wanting to be legal and moral (reselling is not immoral), then you're limited to what you can do.
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