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Re: When would you take a newborn out in public?

I never realized that at any point it was wrong... you birth it in a hospital.... a pretty dirty place, what's the beef about taking your baby out to on errands, see family and friends, etc?

DS1 went with us to a wedding at 11 days old. Before that even we'd taken him to my mom's house to visit and we had other friends and family over as well. Of course he also went to pediatrician and WIC appointments.

DS2 went out at 5 days old to pediatrician appointment, a chiropractor appointment, and to the grooming shop to meet my coworkers and boss. We then went out again at 6 days old to WIC appointment, and afterword stopped by the veterinary office I had worked at for years (am not returning after maternity leave) for employer and coworkers to see baby.

Also, this Saturday DS2 will be 16 days old and my sister is hosting a "Meet the Baby" shower, and there were close to 30 invites sent out. They have a sink, and I think it's common sense to wash your hands before holding baby.. beyond that, I am not at all concerned about taking my 2 week old out.

The things that have been keeping me cooped up at home have been
1)cool weather
2)healing from csection
3)trying to recover from mastitis and blanching/milk blisters (anything but a loose fitting nurse tank is NOT going on these poor girls! I'm not sure when I'll be ready for a bra again!)

For me, its less about when I think baby is okay for going out (I don't there is any time "too early"??), it ismroe about when *I* am comfortable to go out. With breastfeeding, I like to be more comfortable and well practiced instead of struggling with any latch problems.
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