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Re: When would you take a newborn out in public?

Day two but our situation was a bit different (but I probably would have done it the same way). We brought him to a hotel for three weeks so for the first three weeks. We ate out 1-2 times a day (and also brought food in - they had breakfast and encouraged us to take extra to store in the room given the situation as someone tried to snitch on us and the staff told them to mind their own business). We pretty much went to Walmart every day to every few days as it was the only thing around to get supplies as we had a car seat and a few other basics but that was it (funny how quickly you can shop). We saw some friends who lived about 25 minutes away (we needed a baby care class and she was an RN who did maternity stuff and they had some baby stuff for us). We also had a few people drive up and visit (we were only 90 minutes from home) but it was nice as we were pretty sheltered from visitors the first month+ given everything.

No one every looked at us funny or we were too tired and too much in shock to notice or care. Once we got home, it varied but we had a lot of shopping to do (I did some online and had it delivered).
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