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Re: Great Cloth Diaper Change - Guelph

Originally Posted by mumtwiceover View Post
Everything is fine but it just meant my day o Saturday consisted of trying to get as much sleep as possible whenever possible!!! I would lvoe to pick your brain sometime about organizing!!!
Sure, Pm me. There is a host board for asking lots of Q but I don't mind getting together or emailing if you need to brainstorm. At this point they haven't decided whether they will run one next year. They are going to send out a survey to all the hosts for feedback once the dust settles. There is talk of running in alternate years or having an event without Guinness involved. If they did it without Guinness we could have everyone hold it on the same day but at a convenient time in their time zone. The problem with running it Simultaneously is that Malaysia's event was 12:30am, Australia's was at 2:30 am and Hawaii's was at 6 am. Which makes it difficult to make the 25 minimum participants that Guinness requires for your site to count towards the record.

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