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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

I understand that my post was frustrating. I simply want you to present the best possible case to the hospital administration if you really want them to change their mind. I spent 14 years of my adult life working in corporate litigation dealing with CEOs, CFOs and risk management types on a daily basis. Their job is to protect the hospital, not ensure that one patient gets what they want.

I am sorry you had a tough day, and I'm sure that my post didn't make your day easier. But, if you want to change hospital policy, you need to be prepared for a fight. If you are ready to give up just because I made suggestions that your letter needs to be much stronger, then you aren't ready for the fight ahead of you. I do think it's a bit dramatic to suggest that you should just give up and pray that they don't kill you.

You're right that I don't know your history. Neither does the CEO. The point is that he doesn't care about your previous experience. I know we want to think that our story matters. But, in his line of work, it doesn't. The numbers are what matter - risk versus benefit. It was your doctor, not his hospital that caused problems from your last post. So I would play up what great customer service the hospital provided and completely leave out any issues you had that were related to your doctor.

I read some of your recent worries with this pregnancy and I am glad to read that you've been able to get switch from your previous OB to a more VBAC friendly doc. It can be difficult to switch doctors so quickly early in your pregnancy and hopefully being able to do that over a couple of days will mean that other decisions will go easily as well.
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