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Re: West Virgina *miff*... slight rant.

Originally Posted by spencerrn View Post
I adhere to a strict policy of only answering questions that are asked. They are probably NOT going to ask you if you are still nursing. I mean you baby is 2 right? LOL. They will not ask you about sleep sharing.

You could call the hospital and ask what there policy on eye ointment and vaccines are. I would just say you have been tested for STDs and you do not feel the ointment is necessary. As far as vaccines, I would just tell them that you will get the Hep B at 2 months so that all the vaccines are given by the same MD even if you don't plan to see the MD or give any. They don't have to know that.

I wouldn't lie but I wouldn't offer up any more details then necessary.
I will take that route as well, only offer what is asked. They may ask about nursing, as in "how long did you nurse" which I haven't decided how to answer. maybe "as long as they wanted to" would be sufficient for them. laugh it off at that point.

as far as hospital policy... I worked there as a social worker for over a year, I know the policy book inside and out (as I tried to get them to change several while I was there).

Their reasoning behind the strict adherence to the vaccine/medication schedules come from the belief that the population they serve is less-healthy than most and needs as much service/medicine/treatment as they can get while in-hospital because they are less likely to have follow up care. And they *do* serve a high number of undocumented, low income, and "unhealthy" living folk, so it's not unreasonable. Only, the hospital/staff come from an allopathic mindset that I don't subscribe to and, frankly, see as the source of much of the illness in our society. The DR we saw when my DS1 was an infant was accepting of the "waiting" line on vaccines. I'm not sure what will happen with this one.

**note, the other two were not born in WV, so this is the first time I am coping with WV policies affecting my life.

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