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Originally Posted by BirthdayMama
I think "toxic" might be a little overstated, but you're right. PUL and synthetics aren't as healthy for skin as natural, minimally processed fibers. Basically, just like food. The less processing it gets, the better for you. Wearing sposies all the time is like eating at McDonald's every day. Not so great for you, but we all do it once in a while for convenience. Prefolds and wool are like eating 100% home cooked, organic foods. Definitely the healthiest choice, but lacking some of the convenience factors that really help out once in a while. And then PUL and synthetic pockets are like eating home cooked food that's not organic. You could do better, but you could do a lot worse. You have to decide for yourself and your family where on the spectrum you're most comfortable. PUL isn't going to kill your baby, but maybe you feel like it's really important to keep all natural fibers next to the skin. Totally up to you.
This is very well put! Way to snap me out of perfectionist mode and bring some balance to the conversation.

This thread HAS fueled my wool-buying itch though.... Need more
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