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Originally Posted by 247mom
You sound really disappointed in feeling forced to have a c/s at your local hospital. This may be totally not what you want to do, but I looked into the home birth laws for Missouri, and Licensed Midwives (CPMs) legally practice in your state, from what I quickly saw, it appears VBACS are allowed in the home setting in your state, would you consider looking into having a home birth? I have known many women who have avoided repeat c/s and many of the risks of VBACs (esp. those connected with induction) by having home births. It is a personal decision that must be carefully weighed, but I just thought I would make the suggestion.
This may be a good place to try to locate a qualified midwife, skilled in attending VBACs
Either way, I hope you can come up with something that works for you, sorry this is so distressing to you, I know I would feel the same way if I felt forced to do something I didn't feel was safe
Please KUP on what you decide and how everything goes!!
I just had a HBAC because even though there is no bans at my local hospital I just knew my chances of success and avoiding interventions was best at home.
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