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Re: Dh and his bad language

Originally Posted by Fither View Post
this can be a hard thing mama

my husband and i used to curse freely before jack was born, as he became more aware though, we knew we needed to curb it. we just made a "cursing jar" and every time anybody said a curse word, it was a quarter in the jar, the F-bomb is 50 cents. any comments that are degrading to another human (said TOTALLY in a joking manner, we don't make a habit of degradation!) such as comments on someone's weight, anything racial in nature, or if someone were to say "that's retarded" is $5.00 in the jar. i take those things very seriously. my little brothers live in our home as well, so i had to take into account things that they would say to influence him.
Yep this is what I have just started in our house. Our oldest nephew is with us a lot (he is actually planning on moving in with us) and he cusses sooooo much and so bad. He also uses a few other words that I forbid be used in our home. He and his friends all say them jokingly to each other and I can't stand it. So now any word that I deem a "bad word" means 50 cents in DS piggy bank. I will not have his first "real" word be the "f-bomb" LOL I sound so stern, but degrading words/curse words are such a waste!!! I was raised in a home that taught "people who use profanity do so because they aren't smart enough to use other words"
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