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Originally Posted by shen7
This is a pet peeve of mine. It is so easy to scare moms and the internet is full of faulty information trying to scare you. It is mostly nonsense and pseudoscience and so is this. Just because a fabric is "synthetic" or petroleum derived does not make it toxic. Just because a fabric is "natural" does not make it safe or better for babies. Disposable diapers are not exactly killing babies either. It is just about doing what you can to reduce your environmental impact, and what works for your family.

I am sorry if this comes off rude but it is a pet peeve of mine to see these "oooo evil chemicals!!!" type things, I used to work in environmental risk assessment and it just blows my mind what people worry about versus what the real problems are. Polyester fabric in cloth diapers is about the 1,000th most toxic thing in your baby's life, I promise, I don't care how "pure" you try to be. Sorry, it just makes me mad.
Yes, and plenty of natural things are toxic (radon, arsenic, anthrax, mold, etc). I'm not worried about it but to each their own.

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