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Re: Have any mamas shipped books to Germany?

You never said what the weight was...

M-Bags to Germany start at $39.60 for 11 pounds or less. Each additional pound is $3.60.

An M-Bag is literally a giant bag that they put the boxes of books in. You print the address on each box, and then there is a special M-Bag tag that goes on the outside of the bag. The maximum weight is 66 pounds. I _think_ each box within the bag has to weigh 4 pounds or less, you are charged for the total weight of the sack once everything is in it.

So 20 pounds of books to Germany would cost $72. A full 66 pound bag would be $237.60

You can see the price chart here: Germany is in price group 5. The restrictions on M-Bags are here: Not all post offices keep M-Bags in stock, so your mom would need to give them a heads up that she was going to be using this method. If she lives near a small PO, she may want to use a larger one if she went with an M-Bag. Most smaller POs have never dealt with them. Most clerks at a larger PO never have either, she may need to deal with a manager or postmaster.

Interestingly enough, 20 pounds pounds shipped Priority Mail would cost $81.65 while 66 pounds would cost $175.95... and you could send it in one massive box (instead of a zillion small ones) and it would get there faster and have some sort of tracking. So I guess you'd have to compare the weights and charts and see what's worth it.

Maybe you could try to buy the heaviest from within Europe, and ship the smaller books? 20 pounds of children's books is a LOT of books.

Are you in Germany permanently? That would be a lot of books to have to get back to the states someday.

It sounds like you're really into books... you might want to check out, there is a good amount of international trading there, I have sent and received books to and from Germany before. I am the opposite of you, I live in the US and use Bookmooch to get German-language books for my kid. But it's way more cost effective for me with the cheap media mail rate in the US, I don't know how it would be with the high cost of european postage. You get three points for any books you send internationally, and one point for any book sent within your country.
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