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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

I liked the letter with leaving out the AMA part (although I did put that in MY birth plan) and with sending to a specific person....maybe you can meet with the head of the maternity ward? I am having an issue that I want resolved before I birth at the hospital, and I have sent the charge nurse/liason my letter and I stated that I knew she didn't have a say in my particular choice, but I would appreciate if she pointed me to the appropriate people. I had met her on the hosp tour and she told me to send her my birth plan and she would see what she could do in advance. So I already have someone "on my side" as it were. If you can't afford a homebirth (I can't either this time ) I would consider driving to another hospital. I am driving an hr in Washington DC traffic bc I don't want to deliver in my local one.

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My only concern is that signing something saying that you are going AMA (against medical advice) can open you up to insurance denying to pay for the birth. I'm not 100% positive on that in every situation, but I am 100% positive that checking out of a hospital early, AMA, or an number of other AMA decisions can cause insurance to deny claims. In fact, I know that if you leave a hospital AMA after birth, they can deny paying for the entire birth. So, I wouldn't be willing to sign that unless you clear it with your insurance or unless it is a risk you are willing to take.
From my experience, personally and with talking to others re: insurance, they can only deny any care you might need AFTER signing yourself out AMA. For example, I signed DS out AMA bc they wanted him to stay 2 days even though I had had 8 or more hours of IV abx before he was born and I left the same day. IF he had had complications from GBS and I had had to re-admit him, they could refuse to pay then. As it was, they paid for the whole birth, even though we left AMA.
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