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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

Blue - I've been told that many times, even by healthcare providers. However, I just googled it. Apparently, it's a myth. One site even said something like 57% of healthcare providers who were polled believed this to be true, but they surveyed 17 insurance companies and they all paid. Oops! Thanks for prompting me to look into it!

And totally OT - Just curious where you are headed? I live in the DC area (sort of) and have all my life (closer in for most of it). I was hoping to go Birthcare in Alexandria, but it's just too far for me. I'm almost 1.5 hrs away without traffic. I'd have to come all the way down 66, possibly in the middle of traffic. I may have a fst labor too. Not a good plan. I have several hospitals within an hour of me. So, I've been researching the c-sec rates and how "naturally" friendly they are. I've discovered to my horror that No. VA. c-sec rates are very high. I think it was Reston that was 49%! I remember when that hospital was open. My husband and sister were both born in Fairfax and my father spent a lot of time there and died there. Theirs is over 40 also. It really makes me very sad. I just happen to live 10 minutes from Culpeper hospital which has the 3rd lowest rate in the state, 17%. They are very open to natural things and even have jacuzzi tubs in the rooms. (Not for birthing in, but for laboring in.) I had no idea that I lucked out by moving here. I was actually pretty upset about it. I didn't want to change OB's and I wanted to deliver at the same hospital both my twins were born in. I also almost decided to go to Fauquier where my husband works because we would get a discount on our co-pay. Their rate is 34%. Not worth it!
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