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Re: How to be a good parent

Originally Posted by mamatoclaire View Post
There was an article (on Huffington Post I think) like this that made me lol but now I can't find it. I remember it was something like "authoritative parents are better because... Permissive parents are better because... Breastfeeding parents are better because... Bottle feeding parents are better because..." and on and on with different parenting styles and choices that contradicted each other but all were "the best."

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yeah, that's the thing. I would lose myself if I parented the way that works best for some people's families. And I know of many people who could never parent the way I do.

it'd be nice if there was a single way that worked for everyone, but there's just not. Although, it appears that in some other countries, there is. But, here in the ol' melting pot, we just can't agree enough for that.
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