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Re: I hate picking names!

Originally Posted by kangasox View Post
My husband and I don't agree on boy names at all, and I gave up naming rights as one of my parts to get him to agree to a third. So, I think he's already decided and I get no say, but if I WERE to name a boy right now it would be Neville. I also love Atticus, Thatcher, Beckett, Jasper, Trey, and River. Oh, and Silas.
I hope your DH picks a name you love!

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
If you dont want popular, i would avoid Madelynn and any various spelling.

Besides that, the names are all really nice. Bodie and Greyson seem fairly common to me but not super, super common so with that in mind, I think Cohen goes along well. Levi and Elijah are both very nice but to me, very Biblical sounding and doesnt necessarily make sense with your other name choices. still nice names though.
I've never met a Madelynn in our area. Or Bodie, until I came on DS . There really is no rhyme or reason to our kids' names... DH got Bodie because he was watching football and mispronounced a player's name (Brodie became Bodie), and liked it... Oren is after DH's CO in the Marines, whose last name was Orrin... and Greyson is because DH wanted Grey, but I don't like one syllable names (we have a one syllable last name) .

Originally Posted by Maddalena View Post
How about Corbin for a boy?
I like Corbin, but it sounds too much like Oren for me . One of my favorite girl names has always been Wren, but we can't use that one either. LOL!
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