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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

Originally Posted by farminmama View Post
This is my first time posting on here, so I hope I am doing it right! I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for this thread! I have struggled with washing my cloth diapers since March '09 when we started to cd my then 3 month old son. It seemed like from very early on we would have the barnyard smell after he would pee in them. Then, we had the nose burning ammonia smell after opening his night time diaper. Then during other diaper changes. Then the horrible RED bottom. So we took a break and then I found out we were expecting #2, so out came the cd! I stripped the ones we had, put #1 back in them and switched detergents (this was our third one!) and thought we were good. Used them on #2 for a while and our problems were back. So we took another break! Ughhh...Find out #3 is on the way, so #2 goes back into cd. We lasted a day! Stinky out of the drier, stinky when he peed in them and grabbing himself and trying to pull the diapers off! I am determined to figure out WHAT is going on!

Should I do the bath tub stomp + bleach washes and try Tide? In the past I have used Planet liquid (really did not like this detergent!), Charlie's Soap (which I thought was causing the horrible red burns), and lastly RnG. We have really soft well water and also FL Bosch. I do have a TL I can use if my husband will clean it (it was used for his diesel and oil soaked work clothes). Sorry this is a lot, but no one else has been able to help me!
I would get the husband to clean the TL It seems that most of the people who don't have issues are those who have a TL.

Here's another detergent thread that I found useful:

There's a lot of good info in the first post.
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