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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

Originally Posted by 247mom View Post
Not trying to "beat a dead horse" but as far as the cost of home birth, many insurance comps. will cover it as "out of network" which would be that you would pay something like 20% and they would pay 80% (you would have to look at your own insurance policy to be sure- if you have insurance coverage and how much). Also, many home birth midwives will take barters or even give services for reduced fees when there is a true need. Just something to consider looking into in case the other things don't work out! I completely agree that a VBAC is not something to try unassisted!! Hope you get the birth you want!!
I have state medicaid - already looked into the midwife thing and all that, and it's a no go insurance-wise. There is legislation in the works to cover midwives for homebirth (and birthing centers, which would actually be my case), but the chances of it actually going through this time, and before when I need it to, are's been denied several times in the past already.

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
I liked the letter with leaving out the AMA part (although I did put that in MY birth plan) and with sending to a specific person....maybe you can meet with the head of the maternity ward? I am having an issue that I want resolved before I birth at the hospital, and I have sent the charge nurse/liason my letter and I stated that I knew she didn't have a say in my particular choice, but I would appreciate if she pointed me to the appropriate people. I had met her on the hosp tour and she told me to send her my birth plan and she would see what she could do in advance. So I already have someone "on my side" as it were. If you can't afford a homebirth (I can't either this time ) I would consider driving to another hospital. I am driving an hr in Washington DC traffic bc I don't want to deliver in my local one.

From my experience, personally and with talking to others re: insurance, they can only deny any care you might need AFTER signing yourself out AMA. For example, I signed DS out AMA bc they wanted him to stay 2 days even though I had had 8 or more hours of IV abx before he was born and I left the same day. IF he had had complications from GBS and I had had to re-admit him, they could refuse to pay then. As it was, they paid for the whole birth, even though we left AMA.
Actually, The head of the maternity ward is already on my side - she is one of the ones who is hoping they allow me to birth there. I'm actually very well aquainted with several of the maternity staff who would be attending to me during birth.

Originally Posted by nrsenadenos View Post
What would happen if you flat out refused to schedule a repeat C/S and then showed up in labor? Or if you scheduled the repeat C/S for like 41 weeks or something?
If it comes up before 30 days before I'm due (because legally they have to give me 30 days), they'd refer me away to the Springfield clinic. If I lie about it but do it my way anyway, I could get the OB in trouble with the hospital administration if they even think for a moment he knew about it and didn't refer me away.
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