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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

Originally Posted by borncrunchy View Post
Where in missouri do you live? We were very close to moving to Branson when I was about 36 weeks with DS3 and I called TONS of midwives in that area and none of them charged very much and most of them said they did sliding scales, payment plans, and all of them said they would do births for free if there was a mom in need.... I talked to maybe 7 midwives....
About 90 miles North-East from Branson. The midwife I was talking to around here wanted $3600 for her services plus another $500 for the birthing center. I'm about 35 miles from the nearest hospital, but it's down twisty state roads, so we wouldn't choose that hospital to transfer to (plus they were absolutely horrible any time we went there for anything) a real homebirth just isn't something we are comfortable with - it'd have to be a birthing center...and the only one that is closer than 65 miles away is the Amish birthing center that the midwife I was talking to delivers at sometimes. There are only a few midwives that have birthing privileges there, and they all charge about the same...I wouldn't be totally opposed to the birthing center that apparently just opened in Springfield since I wouldn't have to wait until I was almost pushing to show up (because obviously my chances of a successful VBAC there would be way higher than showing up in early labour at a Springfield hospital.)
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