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I will keep this thread open for ONE WEEK and then it will be closed again, I suggest you correct your post now so you dont forget.

This is for people who didnt do it right the first time, no post counts after the post saying "this thread is closed" will be changed. It is only for the people who signed up before this thread was closed. Thank you!

To get the correct link, do not go to "Edit Profile" and use that link, it will not work for anyone else. Find a post or PM of yours and click on your name as though you are another person wanting to view your profile. Your link should end in or include "u=X" (where X is your user ID).


To access the old board, CLICK HERE

If your post count has not been adjusted yet (please make sure to look at it because I have done several today). It means that there was some information missing from your original post. Please go through this list and find your post and edit it so it is correct. We need a link to your profile from the old board. Some of you are posting a link directly to 'your' profile, so that when someone click the link it becomes 'their' profile. To link to your own profile so someone else can see it, you need to go to a post of yours and click on your name in the post, not the button on top that says "profile"
If the link you posted ends in action=profile, it is wrong. You need it to end in numbers like this... action=profile;u=491

This could take several weeks since it is all done manually, please be patient

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