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Re: Once you know the gender or if you're team green

Originally Posted by omahonycm View Post
Just had my big ultrasound. It's a girl. I have very mixed feelings about this. I was pretty certain and really wanted a boy. We have a girl, and I'm afraid DH won't go for a third child, and if we did, I know I wouldn't want another girl. I wanted to know what it was like to have a son. So, I guess I'm a bit disappointed, really. What made it worse was it was an awful appointment. We waited 2.5 hours with a toddler way overdue for her nap. Then, the u/s pictures are horrible - fuzzy, blurry, and you can't see anything. And it's the last one I get. So, no pictures of this new baby girl. I think I'm struggling a lot. I might just do some research about pricing an independant place. I really really really wanted to SEE the baby, and all I can see are blurs. It makes me really sad.
I'm sorry it wasn't what you hoped and expected. I've had 4 now (2 with the 3d imaging) and I don't have a single good quality picture. Since I'm not small, and have an anterior placenta, mine are all blurry and show a nice big gray blob (placenta). I hope you can find somewhere affordable to go for an elective. They aren't terribly expensive around here, but I know it varies by region.

Originally Posted by ajjulian View Post
Boy! Very mixed feelings. 4th boy (we have 1 girl). I am dying for dd to have a sister. We will only have 1 more so only more chance at girl and cute girly stuff. I am trying hard to get excited about blue. I am happy for new life and a sweet baby but def have gender disappointment.
Sorry for the disappointment mama. I was hoping for (and had a feeling) that this baby was a girl, but had she been a boy at ultrasound, I would probably have felt the same way. This is our last and I really wanted to experience the girly fun again.
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