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Re: Is tap water okay?

Water is one of those whether to eat organic or not, whether to take some medications or not...each person has such a different baseline of what they consider "healthy".

I would second the PP and recommend you research the effects of fluoride. This is a neutral site exploring the issue:
This is an article for the CSM that goes into the history of fluoridation:

Also, check out reports about the concentrations of pharmaceuticals in many municipal water sources. Many common medications like birth control, blood thinners, etc, end up recirculating into the public water supply! In some cities' downstream areas they've found fish that are chock-full of birth control meds. I heard about one city where at the end of the weekend the amount of illegal drugs in the city tap water supply skyrockets, after people party on the weekends, pee it out, and it gets treated and put back into circulation. If the water is from a river, what levels of agricultural runoff, pesticides, herbicides, animal antibiotics, etc, may be in that water?

I never drink tap water anywhere, unless its a well in a more isolated area without a lot of commercial agriculture. We refill 5 gal jugs with RO filter water from the store. We're getting a RO (reverse osmosis) water filter system under the kitchen sink to use for all cooking and drinking water. Knowing that my kids aren't being exposed to unnecessary chemicals just makes me feel better about their long term health. I feel like with how much chemical exposure is unavoidable in our world, I might as well reduce any exposures I can.
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