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Re: Once you know the gender or if you're team green

Originally Posted by omahonycm View Post
We waited 2.5 hours with a toddler way overdue for her nap. Then, the u/s pictures are horrible - fuzzy, blurry, and you can't see anything. And it's the last one I get. So, no pictures of this new baby girl. I think I'm struggling a lot. I might just do some research about pricing an independant place. I really really really wanted to SEE the baby, and all I can see are blurs. It makes me really sad.

I completely understand. My big ultrasound (though we already knew the sex) was horrible. I wanted to pretty much cry through the entire thing. The lady wasn't nice, the screen was a fuzz, which I had to lay almost angled to even see the screen on the wall behind her head. A girl was learning did most of the ultrasound, and by the time she was done taking measurements, the baby flipped over, so I didn't even get a profile shot of the baby. My husband came with me and he was clear across the room (no where for him to be able to be close to me) and when we first walked in the two girls were on FB for like 3-4 mintues looking at pictures of people. My husband said it was awful, so I know it wasn't just pregnancy emotions. I hope you can find a place affordable to get an ultrasound done so you can see your sweet little girl.

ETA: I wonder how great of measurements really were the girl took (once again learning) because I had an early ultrasound and the baby was measuring a week and 2 days ahead, and at the ultrasound on Monday I was measuring behind my expected due date by almost a week.
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