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Re: West Virgina *miff*... slight rant.

Originally Posted by Melmonkey View Post
and could you possibly have an oops delivery at came so fast that you could not make it to the hospital

I was going to suggest that if you felt all was well enough with this pregnancy.

And then for prental care as others mentioned.....just only answer what is directly asked.

I'm from WV....Charleston, and there were several CNM's there that were pretty level headed folks. Even with medicaid they were fine with delayed long as they would get them eventually.

Many people don't realize that providers of medicaid that see children are audited and get penalized if they are not exceeding a certain % of children fully they are doing what they must to protect their jobs and families.....I'm one of those providers....and my kids were vaccinated on a delayed type schedule (we had private ins.).

I hope you find a local CNM that can help you. Good Luck!
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